How To Prevent Acne Scars

We are our own worst enemy when it comes to acne. Our eating and cleanliness habits play a large role in determining how many blemishes grace our face and other parts of our bodies. Anyone who does not know how to prevent acne scars should quickly become educated. It is likely that at least one of us has a blemish brewing as we read this article. Instead of focusing on how to remove pimple scars, we should be thinking about how to prevent them.

Rather than having to waste our money on prescription or over the counter acne scar remedies or spending time whipping up home remedies for acne scars, we can be scar-free for the rest of our lives. The best way to prevent scarring is to treat acne as soon as we notice it. This can prevent it from developing into a form that is more severe. Avoid playing the waiting game and instead take an offensive stand by using cleansers and blemish treatment products.

An acne lesion that is inflamed is more likely to cause a scar. Therefore, we can prevent acne scars by avoiding causing further irritation to the skin. This means no harsh skin care products or strong rubbing with sponges, wash cloths, or loofahs. Gentle cleansing at least two times daily, followed by a warm water rinse, should help prevent many blemishes from forming. The goal is to get the dirt, debris, and oil out of the pores so there is no clogging.

The best way to prevent acne scars and avoid needing acne scar treatment products is something we all know but fail to follow. Repeat after me, “I will not pop, squeeze, or pick at my pimples.” There, now you have no excuse! Squeezing pimples can worsen the blemish because it forces the debris further into the follicle, spreading the infection. Picking at skin results in inflammation that can damage skin tissue. Popping usually extends healing time and can result in permanent scarring. Leave the blemish alone and allow it to heal itself.

Some people are more prone to scarring than others, which may make treatment for acne scars inevitable. A dermatologist can advise whether we fall into this category. If we do, a discussion regarding acne scar treatments may be warranted. However, that does not get us out of taking steps to prevent acne scars by exercising good hygiene.

Anyone who begins getting cysts or experiences breakouts that are large and deep should see a dermatologist. Deep cysts and nodules frequently leave deep and permanent scars because the infection destroys the skin tissue. To prevent acne scars like this, quick and effective acne scar treatment is necessary.

Taking these steps to prevent acne scars will reduce the need to rely on acne scar treatments to restore skin appearance. Though your first instinct may be to squeeze, pop, or pick, remember the promise you made above. Keeping the face clean, treating acne as soon as it forms, and avoiding inflammation should reduce the amount of blemishes you get.